Healt and security

Throughout the year we organize health fairs, immunization campaigns and activities where we invite to participate the families of our collaborators and the community in general.


Aware of the importance that the education plays in any society, in Rassini we formed alliances with the three sectors of society to contribute that more people have access to it.

Being the technology an indispensable tool of the new millennium to promote the education in our country, we donate annually computers to schools in the communities where we have operations through our program "Rassini at your school". Also, we train the students, parents and teachers on environmental issues (4 R's) and provide materials and tools to reinforce the knowledge.

For the community and our collaborators we organize, in our Business Units, courses during the year. They focus on useful topics and practical for everyday life that even pave them the way to start up their own business.


In situations of contingencies and/or emergencies that affect the communities, the collaborators of Rassini we all sympathize and support those affected with financial donations or in-kind, and we work directly in the affected areas to perform cleaning work, rearrangement or repair.

We have groups of volunteers who constantly participate and support in the organization and performance of cultural and sports activities in favor of the collaborators and community. They themselves have integrated crews to assist in remodeling to schools.