Rassini maintains relations of deep loyalty with their customers based on their superior quality, tailor made technology, and integrated services that include design, engineering and technical support, as well as close collaboration to meet changing customer needs.


Also is a leader in quality, standardization, continuous improvement and innovation of productive processes that are friendly with the environment and occupational health and safety.

Rassini Frenos, is one of the first companies in Mexico in implementing an Integrated Management System and obtain certifications in quality (ISO/TS 16949), safety and occupational health (OHSAS 18001) and environment (ISO 14001). These certifications were obtained through the certifying body ABS Quality Evaluations.

Some of the major certifications are:

  • Masters of Quality

    since 2015

  • Socially Responsible Enterprise Distinctive

    since 2014

  • Great Place to Work

    since 2014

  • ISO/TS 16949

    since 2009

  • OHSAS 18001

    since 2007

  • ISO14001

    since 2004

  • Clean Industry Certificate

    since 2005


Through the years and repeatedly, Rassini has been recognized by its customers and various institutions for its operational excellence, high quality, service, advances in product technology and the commitment to improve their team to offer a better product every day.

Rassini has received world class distinctions, such as:

  • Supplier of the Year Award from GM
  • Certificate of Achievement of Fiat Chrysler
  • Best Performance Supplier of Toyota
  • CSAP 100 Best Managed Companies for Zero Defects of Ford
  • Most Improved Supplier of Nissan
  • Zero Defects Award of Nissan
  • National Export Award that gives the COMCE

"Supplier of the Year Award" from GM that was recently granted to the Brake Division for the second consecutive year, the only Mexican supplier that received it in 2012 and 2013 in addition to the nine times that has been received by the Suspensions Division; the "100 Best Managed Companies for Zero Defects" of Ford, also for the Brake Division and the Q1 Preferred Quality Award in 2013 to both divisions; the "Certificate of Achievement" of FCA Fiat-Chrysler recognizing the North America Division Suspensions, and the "Best Performance Supplier Award" given by Toyota to our Division Suspensions Brazil.

Rassini System (RS)

The demands of an increasingly competitive environment become a driving force for that administrative models evolve toward more sophisticated schemes, that seek to understand organizations as systems and processes that interact with each other, to create value for all the interest groups.

The Rassini System (RS) responds to the conviction of the Steering Group to adopt new administrative arrangements to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises in the long term and thereby contribute to the achievement of its Vision.

The RS has integrated the requirements of the ISO/TS-16949 norm and is based on the following points: Total Quality, Continuous Improvement, Leadership, Systemic Approach, Knowledge, Alliances and Social Impact.